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Strategies to build wealth for your family.

Financial Seminars

We are passionate about making the concepts and strategies of Wall Street understandable and accessible to the average and ordinary person. Knowing the knowledge is the new currency, I serve to educate, equip and empower people with lifetime financial strategy and solutions.

Panel Discussions

As panelist we provide an opportunity to help the audience further clarify and evaluate many investment strategy tools that will support their goal for the future of their family’s finances. We aid in increasing the understanding of important financial concerns that plague families today.

Generational Wealth

Leaving a legacy for your family doesn’t happen over night but over time. However, there are 5 key strategies that you can put in place right now to change the future bottom line of your family two generations down.

Our Vision

Today, there are so many mixed signals on how the vast majority should save money, as well as leave a legacy for their family. As a financial professional, I have come across many great advisors in the field, however, they barely ever speak about legacy creation.  What is it all for, if we can’t leave it to our children and our children’s, children.  In addition, everyone is talking about the baby boomers and the aging population, but they are leaving out the mere fact that our aging parents have become our dependable children. We will provide you with strategies to protect all that your parents have worked for as well as, identify the provision of care during their golden years. Our vision, is to protect, care and create a generations of wealth for families while educating families, provide the resources and tools needed to sustain a financially fit future for generations to come.

Family Planning

Strategies to build wealth for your family.

Elder Care

With the onset of the retirement of the baby boomer population, no one seems to mention that their adult children who have families of their own become the caregivers of their parents. Here is where you will find resources on understanding Social Security, Medicare and why Estate Planning is critical.

College Savings

The time to start planning for your children’s future and college expenses is when they are babies, not when they start high school, middle school or even kindergarten for that matter.

Income Protection

Income protection is critical, especially in the event of a catastrophe or loss of income for the bread-winner of the household. Here we identify two income protection strategies that you can put in place right away.


Tisha S. Hart-Wallace, The Legacy Master

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